Chartered of Duties


(i) Function as the OIC state cell under the overall direction of the director and be responsible for all aspects of management of state Govt  staff and all aspects of management of state govt funds.

(ii) Grant of all kinds of leave to class iii & iv state Govt employees as per powers vested in ADG..

(iii) Conduct of annual transfer/posting boards for all state Govt employees in the period apr-may every year. processing of all requests for transfer/posting on compassionate or  administrative grounds.

(iv) Correspondence with the state Govt on issues related to delegation of administrative and financial powers.

(v) Deal with disciplinary cases of all class iii & iv state Govt employees.

(vi) Deal with any appeals /representations pertaining to pay and allowances, promotions, transfers/postings and other terms of service. deal with all legal/judicial cases pertaining state Govt subjects.

(vii) Process, facilitate and monitor hiring of private buildings for office/store accommodation of Ncc group Hqs and units and  sanction of rent as per laid down procedure.

(vii) Condemnation of state Govt stores held on charge of Ncc Group HQS/units. regularization of loss of state Govt stores.

(viii) Sanction of pension, gratuity etc of state govt employees retiring from NCC.

(ix) Dte, Patna. monitor progress of settlement of post retirement/death benefits to state Govt employees.

(x) Sanction for move of state Govt employees to places outside the jurisdiction of group headquarters/units.

(xi) Sanction daily allowance to state govt employees on temporary duty exceeding 10 days.

(xii) To maintain the latest state govt orders and policies governing administration of state govt employees and guide the group hqs/units on implementation of the same.

(xiii) All other service matters and maintenance of service documents including service Book, leave account, PCR.

(xiv) Maintenance of master data bank in respect of all state Govt employees posted in the Dte..

(xv) Pay revision of state Govt employees based on Govt order.

(xvi) Report & return pertaining to state branch with DGNCC, state Govt and sub-ordinate NCC Groups.

(xvii) Maint close co-ordination with art, culture & youth dept for all matters pertaining to civil employees.

(xviii) Co-ordinate court cases pertaining to state Govt and sub-ordinate Gps and units. 

(xix) Be responsible for management of all state funds from planning and budgeting to accounting and audit.

(xx) Preparation of annual state budget and forwarding the same to the state Govt after approval of the ADG.

(xxi) Allocation of annual state budget to Group Hqs under JD, SD, and ADM heads.

(xxii) Take up cases with state Govt regarding review of  various allowances from time to time.

(xxiii) Collection of monthly expenditure and four monthly expenditure return from Group Hqs/units and timely submission to art, youth and culture department of state govt.

(xxiv) Processing of all claims/bills received from Gp Hqs/units, i.e., honorarium for part time ncc officers of senior division, TA/DA for part time NCC officers of both senior & junior divisions and other bills for amenity, trg.  Aeromodelling and ship modeling grants.

(xxv) Overall management of camp funds, including central and state,  under overall guidance of director. scrutiny and approval of all camp contingent bills forwarded by Gp HQS and units and allotment of  25 % camp funds of state share.

(xxvi) Periodic verification of withdrawals of money from govt treasury with accounts branch.

(xxvii) Correspondence on allotment/release of state funds with various treasuries. 

(xxviii) To send administrative replies pertaining to audit objections, if any,  raised by finance department  and AG Bihar, Patna and take actions to ensure their expeditious settlement.

(xxix) Preparation of bills/claims of staff of the civil establishment of this Dte (state cell). Preparation of contingent bills in respect of office contingency grant of this directorate.

(xxx) Accord of sanction of expenditure for Aeromodelling, flying, gliding and ship modeling grants of air and navy NCC units.

(xxxi) sanction of GPFadvances and all other miscellaneous advances (house building, computer, festival etc) in respect of state Govt civil employees of all NCC Gps Hqs and units.

(xxxii) Local purchase of stationery/forms and all other miscellaneous items.

(xxxiii) Management of incentive funds allotted by Bihar and Jharkhand state Govts.


(I) The AAO (Civ) will deal with the following subjects :-

(ii) All matters of State Govt Civilian Employees i.e. recruitment, posting/transfers, promotions, SC/ST reservation, discipline, leave, publication of  orders, maintenance of  Service Book, initiation of ACRs, Court Cases, retrial benefit, Office accommodation etc.

(iii) Maintenance of up to date rules regulations, various Govt orders and instructions issue from time to time by State Govt.

(iv) AAO State (Pers) will submit files to joint Director in establishment matters of State Govt. Employees working in NCC for orders.

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