Chartered of Duties




1.   Publicity and information/arranging publicity of NCC events with News-paper correspondents, PROs and State Information Authorities.

2.   Demand and distribution of Training Films.

3.   Internal coordination within the Dte.

4.  Tours officers-Scrutinizing tour programmes of all officers under this Dte, authorities their moves and transport arrangements.

5.   Tours Notes-VIPs/ Visiting Officers/Dry DG and Staff-Disposal and Discussion.

6.   Collection of materials for NCC day Brochure: its printing/distribution to all NCC Units/Institutions and state Govt Departments.

7.  Collecting materials from NCC Units, scrutinizing it and submitting for publication in the The Cadets/Journal published by HQ DG NCC.

8.  Reports & Returns (Coora and intern branches/sections)-Fixoing the number of reports and returns to be submitted by Gp/Units, their periodical revision and compilation of some general reports for submission to HQ DG NCC and State Govt.

9.    Ceremonial parades-Organisation and administrative arrangements connected with ceremonial parades.

10.  Conference (including Staff)-Conferences at Dte Gen NCC, NCC Dte Lucknow and conferences with State Govt. Compiling of Agenda points, drafting address , recording minutes and disseminating decisions to all concerned.

11.  Annual Insp Reports-approving annual inspection programmes scrutinizing inspection reports and their frinal disposal to Dte Gen/Gp HQ and Units.

12.   Handing/taking over documents-units.

13.  Mess-raising/forming NCC Officers Mresses supervising their functioning and scrutinizing their maintenance allowance claims.

14.   Move of Officers/JCOs on temp duty-Authorising all moves of Officers / JCOs/NCOs and other ranks under this Dte and obtaining sanction from hight HQs when necessary.

15.   Hours of work and holidays and Gp HQ/units-issuing policy and regulating.

16.   Priced Pamphlets–demand and distribution.

17.   Channel of Correspondence-Policy relating addressing by NCC units/GP HQ correspondence to higher civil and military authorities.

18.   Any other cases not being dealt/cannot be dealt with by any other Branch.

19.   Correspondence connected with elections.

20.   Liaison with State Govt, Sub Area & Stn HQ and Sahara up in matters concerning NCC.

21.   Installation of telephones and issue of telephone Directory for all Units in the Directorate and keeping it up-to-date.

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